FitDankBaby Classes

FitDankBaby Classes from Bälans Pilates, Perth

fitdankbaby® is for mums and babies from 3 to 14 months

Every Monday and Friday
10.45am – 12 noon

fitdankbaby® is a new fitness concept for mums and their babies.

We will mostly concentrate on you as a mum and we will work on your overall fitness, target all problematic areas and improve your posture. All this with your baby! fitdankbaby® is a carefully designed concept that offers an effective, safe and exciting class for mum and baby.

Each class consists of a warm-up, strengthening exercises targeting the stomach, legs, bum, back and pelvic floor, activities for the baby, cool-down, stretches and relaxation. The baby is integrated in each class and the baby’s weight intensifies the exercises for mum. And even better: the training weight increases throughout the course!

All exercises are adapted to the ever increasing weight of your baby, its growing mobility and developmental stage. We will make sure that you get an optimal workout based on your level of fitness and your body's regeneration after birth.

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Cost: £60 for 6 weeks or £11 for drop-ins

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