Apparatus Pilates

Apparatus Pilates Classes from Bälans Pilates, Perth

Our bright and spacious Pilates Apparatus Studio is the only one of it’s kind in Perth.

All our equipment is supplied by Balanced Body, the foremost builders of Pilates equipment in the world. We were the first to bring the Allegro II Reformer to Scotland and when you try it you will benefit from the 20 years of development this very latest in Pilates technology has undergone. Bälans is the only place in Perthshire to offer the complete range of Studio Apparatus, including 4 Exo Chairs, 4 Reformers, a Ladder-barrel, the Cadillac.

Joseph Pilates originally developed his method as Mat exercises, using gravity as the resistance force. As he developed his technique during his internment through WW1 he devised several pieces of apparatus to help people “get the method in their bodies”. Each piece of apparatus has its own repertoire of exercises many of prepare you for to the Classical Matwork Routine. The use of adjustable springs to provides resistance which challenges the muscles in new and positive ways.

Your teacher will modify both the Apparatus and the exercises given, to suit your individual needs, and will also continue to tailor your class to your needs as you progress.

Apparatus Classes cost a little more than Matwork Classes. This reflects the smaller class size, the advanced Pilates training required to teach at this level, as well as the use of the state of art equipment at your disposal.

Apparatus Group Pilates

In a small of no more than 4 people this class takes you through an exciting range of exercises which stretch and strengthen the body while training greater control. Individuals might be offered small variations in type or exercise or Apparatus set up and this ensures that every member of this intimate class gets maximum benefit from their training.

1 hour

£82.12 per month

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