Testimonials for Bälans Pilates, Perth

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my Pilates class at Bälans this week. I am on a 6 week European vacation from Australia and after 28 hours travelling to get here and little exercise over the past 3 weeks, I was aching in every bone in my body.

One class and I am feeling a huge improvement in my flexibility and reduction in neck and shoulder pain. I have been practising regular Clinical Pilates for over 10 years but have never had such detailed and targeted guidance before and with such a great result. Thanks so much for allowing me to join your class at such short notice…hugely appreciated…”

Maralyn Clark

“I’ve had a weekend on my bike, so my neck was incredibly tight. But coming out of the massage with Lee I feel fantastic – everything feels looser.”


“For years I’ve been struggling with a sore neck and stiff back. Sports Massage therapy at Bälans Treatment Rooms has helped release years of tension from my spine and has improved my sleep and flexibility. I would highly recommend the professional services offered at this Studio.”


“Thanks for all the help and support I received in the past. I strongly believe that the only way to be able to practice Pilates effectively is by taking instruction through Bälans Pilates Studio.”

Joan Smith

“Many thanks for the Pilates lesson yesterday and for the exercise sheets which you forwarded as follow up after the lesson; the class was very good and relaxing and the exercise sheet is very comprehensive. I am pleased to say that I am not as sore as I thought I would be after the class. Very well done re the studio which is spacious, well equipped, contemporary and very clean.”



“This is a first class Yoga experience, with an excellent teacher. A perfect way to set you up for the weekend!! Thank you for a lovely Yoga class. I cannot wait for regular classes to begin in the New Year, the sooner the better!! Superb, uplifting Yoga class. Morgan is superb. Very patient & professional. I feel she helped me to achieve a lot more than I thought I was capable of!”


“Gentle initially leading into challenging poses. I got into position, checked by Morgan, then realise I had to hold it for a few breaths, that was when it became more intense. The moves flowed into one another in a very natural way giving a whole body stretch.

A wonderful feeling of calm and relaxation after the class.”


“Thank you for a great session yesterday. You have such a beautiful studio, I will certainly be coming back in the near future!”

Michelle Bird

Pilates & BarreConcept Instructor, Cambridgeshire


“I haven’t been out on my road bike for about eight months, but after a few weeks of attending BarreConcept classes at Bälans, I was inspired to get fitter. Last week I dusted it off, blew up the tyres and set off on my regular 10 mile hilly route. I can’t believe how much stronger my leg and core muscles felt, which I can only put down to the Barre classes. First time out, I managed the route in 45 minutes equalling my previous best, which I only achieved after several weeks of regular cycling. I’m still a long way off from the Tour de France, but delighted with the improvement in my strength and stamina.”

Erika H

“I am a 50 year old who has been suffering from worsening arthritis in one knee following a teenage rugby injury. This has become particularly bad over the last five months and I am currently waiting for surgery and have had to take medication for the pain on a daily basis from the start of the year. My wife and I already attend Pilates classes at Bälans and I recently tried a massage with Joakim for the first time. I was genuinely surprised at the physical intensity of the experience; frequently verging on (but never quite reaching) painful!

It is difficult to describe the feeling the following day – almost no pain! This lasted for just over two weeks and I didn’t need to take any painkillers for over three weeks. Joakim explained that much of the pain associated with arthritis comes from deep muscular tension and that his massage therapy is able to release this. It certainly seemed to work, but now the pain is back (over a month later) and I need to see him again. Let’s hope it works this well again.”

Paul S

“I think my mummy-tummy is beginning to take shape! OMG never thought that would happen. x”

Elaine B, Scone

“When I first started practising Pilates at Bälans 4 years ago following major abdominal surgery, I would not have believed that I would have been able to achieve the level of suppleness, strength and general feeling of well being that I have now. Joakim’s ‘can do’ attitude and his skill in passing on his expertise have enabled me to persevere with Pilates through times when I might otherwise have given up. I would honestly say that my fitness levels are now better than they have been for most of my adult life. Pilates is and will continue to play a major part in the maintenance of my health and well being.”

Sue Doig

“I have suffered on and off with back and neck pain ever since I injured my back nearly 20 years ago. Add to that a lot of commuting and a desk based job and I have come to accept back pain as normal. Now and then it really flares up and I have to try and sort it out which is usually a bit of stretching and a few Nurofen. This time I thought I would give Pilates a try. I had a 1:1 with Joakim. He gave me some very basic movements that took me about 5 minutes to complete each night. To be honest I thought they were too easy. Within 1 week all back pain has gone. I am now certain that Pilates is the building block of long term strength and flexibility and for now it is the only thing I am going to do. I cannot believe that such a small amount of movement has had such a big effect.”

Jeff Blackhall, Perth

“I’m a chronic sloucher, so I’ve constantly got a tight upper back, neck, shoulders, everything! I immediately felt the effects of my deep tissue massage and had better posture for days afterwards.”


“I came to Pilates after an unsuccessful course of physiotherapy for constant and debilitating lower back pain. After a few 1:1 sessions I have already made significant progress: I have greatly increased mobility and decreased pain to the point where I no longer need to use painkillers. It has been great to have a thorough assessment of my situation and to be given a personalised programme of exercise that I can work through on my own at home. Having been told by my physiotherapist that my problem couldn’t be fixed, I now feel much more positive and hopeful and I have a lot more confidence in movement.”

Lindsey Kenney

“I thoroughly enjoyed my session on Wednesday, and have been enjoying doing my exercises. For the first time in many years I have not had to take any painkillers for my back today, so am delighted already with the results.”

Susan Smith

“I just wanted to pass on how much I enjoyed your workshop in Stretching for Sport. As a fellow sports massage specialist I was aware of many of the stretches covered but I also learnt a lot more which is very much appreciated both for use with my clients and myself during training. As a lecturer myself I am aware that far too often people forget to pass on the compliments where they are due, so I hope you accept my apologies for taking so long in sending this. I look forward to attending some more of your workshops in the future.” (sent three days after attending the Workshop)

Naomi Nettleton

“I enjoyed your demo at our podiatry branch meeting in Dundee yesterday as did we all. It has engendered an interest in Pilates which I mean to pursue, so thanks again for introducing us all to this useful discipline. You suggested that we request an email copy of the exercises shown and I would like to avail myself of your kind offer.

As a fully qualified reflexologist I have a great interest in complementary therapies, and seek to utilise any that may assist conventional medicine – or indeed may prove more successful. Your demonstration to the group was well received as it was delivered in a positive structured way and essentially involved the group as participants. I would certainly feel that a follow up one day would be welcomed by the branch. In the meantime, many thanks again and we feel assured of a successful outcome in Pilates.”

Ron Gibson – Podiatrist

“Joakim, thanks for the work done this week. Amazing difference in my leg for the game yesterday!”

Alasdair Archibald

Captain, Scotland Polo Team

“We would like to thank you for help that you have given Rohanne, our daughter in helping her to improve her core strength, as you will know, Rohanne, is a Ballerina who has been studying at the Dance school of Scotland in Glasgow, and during her early teenage years, Rohanne’s Core strength dipped and needed to be reinforced, the Pilates sessions you gave to Rohanne, assisted her greatly and without which she would not be in the position she is today. She has now earned a full scholarship at Elmhurst, with the Birmingham Royal Ballet. Again with our many thanks, for your invaluable help.”

AP & LJ Compson-Bradford

“I was recommended to go to Bälans for sports massage by one of the Perth Triathlon Club members. I was training to run the 2009 London Marathon in April, using one of the places that my running club the Strathearn Harriers, has. I am self-employed, so I managed to fit in the appointments during the day every few weeks. I train nearly every day, either running or weights, and normally run on hills and trails. For the marathon, I introduced one long road run every week, starting at 8 miles last Autumn, building up the distance to 10, 12, 16 and finally 18 miles, on a hilly loop. By Christmas I was feeling pretty stiff and beaten up, despite stretching and restitutional bicycle turbo training, so I figured I was overdue a sports massage, and made an appointment with Joakim in January. I returned four weeks later, then about every three weeks after that.

Sports massage got rid of all the stiffness and soreness from the long runs and build up races. Joakim also found a few old injuries that I didn’t know about, and the massage broke up the old muscular scar tissue, to help them heal properly. I went the week before the race, and on the day had a very good run, not feeling stiff or cramping up at all. The London Marathon lives up to its reputation, with first class organisation and fantastic support from the crowds and bands around the route. It was one of the most memorable races that I have done, and I finished in 3:48, under my target of 4 hours.

In the hours after the race I didn’t feel feel anywhere near as stiff or sore as after other races I have done, probably because I didn’t start with any from the training and previous races. I went for a couple of short restitutional runs and stretched afterwards, and went back to Bälans on the following Friday. That massage took away any remaining stiffness, and I ran the Dumyat Hill Race at Stirling University on the following Wednesday. I think that proved to me that including sports massage in my training helped my recovery, and also prevented small injuries from stiff muscles, so I could race and train how I wanted to with confidence. I have several more races this year, so I will keep up the sports massage, which is now part of my training.”

James Bussey

“Thanks for this, Joakim. The Pilates session made a huge difference both in terms of feeling that it had me a lot of good and also in giving my confidence a much needed boost. I have been practicing already and am really looking forward to the 27th. Thank you again”

Sue Doig

“I was persuaded to give Pilates a go some years ago to which I agreed without much enthusiasm, but to my amazement within two to three months I was beginning to become more supple. I have always enjoyed working out in the gymnasium together with hill walking whether it be climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, or walking in Scotland. The one hour class a week of Pilates has had an enormous impact on my ability to enjoy much more agility, flexibility and improved balance.

Serious exercise doesn’t come without certain problems of aches and pains in ones muscles the older one becomes and I have endured two or three sessions of a sports massages given by Joakim in his upmarket premises at Scone which has helped enormously.”

Will Lindsay

“Thank you again, I really enjoyed my first session and I am so glad I made the call.”

Shona Fellowes

“Hi Joakim

Just wanted to say thanks for the class yesterday.

I found it hard but feel the better for it.

It obviously eased off my sore back as I had the best sleep I have had in a month last night!

Hope you have a good holiday”

Elaine Smith, Perth