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The Privilege of Teaching Teachers

26th Marh 2018

The privilege of teaching teachers

In 2012/13 Joakim followed up on a crazy dream to train under Pilates elder Lolita San Miguel. He had attended one of her workshops in London 10 years prior and loved her way of teaching and the warmth with which she presented herself. When he built the ‘New Bälans’ in 2012 he received a magazine advertising the Passing the Torch Program in the USA where big hitters like Lolita pass their knowledge onto the next generation of teachers. At first Joakim was too busy with setting up and then running the new space, but when he finally came up for air he thought he’d apply to Lolita’s 2 yearlong Pilates Master Mentor Program.

Sabrina helped him make an audition video showing him performing and teaching Pilates, and a month later he was accepted, and flying to Florida for Week 1 a few months after that.

The following two years were a demanding yet rewarding time which saw constant challenges and triumphs. His course mates were from all over the world, experienced and highly capable Pilates Teachers. What he lacked in athletic performance and technical knowledge he made up for with his ability to think on his feet and adapt, follow instructions and improvise, listen and communicate. In the end Lolita pushed him to become the best Pilates Teacher he could be, and before graduating she asked him to train to become an Educator for her Pilates Teacher Training Program – Lolita’s Legacy.

This weekend we have seen a magical couple of days at Bälans as we have started our 5th course of Pilates Teacher Training, group E. It is really fun to bring together a group of strangers on the first morning of Day 1 and by the end of Day 2 these people are tired, happy and working as a team helping each other out as their heads are about to explode with. All the new information they have started to learn.

Training to become a Pilates teacher is a big commitment and to do it right takes well over a year. It is a real privilege to see candidates grow into their new role developing from enthusiastic but nervous clients or lovers of Pilates into more and more competent Instructors and motivators of others.

So far we have seen 6 people graduate from Lolita’s Legacy at Bälans, with 4 new graduates expected in the next month or so. We are really proud to have been part of the change these people have worked for to start a new chapter in their lives. Everyone has worked so hard to become 3rd Generation Pilates Teachers, furthering Joseph Pilates’ dream to spread his method worldwide and fulfilling our mentor Lolita’s legacy making highly trained and experienced teachers for the future.

By Joakim Valsinger, 2nd Generation Lolita San Miguel Pilates Master


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