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The Pilates Festival is a Celebration of Intelligent Movement

13th May 2018

The Pilates Festival is a Celebration of Intelligent Movement

The Pilates Festival, as the name implies, is a fun celebration of our wonderful method. Open to all lovers of Pilates, it is held at the Dunblane Hydro. On Sunday the 13th of May four excellent presenters entertained attendees for the full day, with a varied lunch being provided overlooking beautiful views from the hilltops hotel.

Our very own Sabrina took to the stage this time presenting her Masterclass Twisted Pilates as part of the days round robin series. Sabrina teaches Apparatus classes at Bälans on Mondays and Wednesdays, while still teaching Pilates classes in Dundee.

Other Instructors included Lauren Bryden, Ellie Carr, and Becky Spellman. Lauren teaches Yoga and Pilates in Edinburgh. Lauren is a former professional dancer and you walk out of her sessions feeling light as a feather. She introduced attendees to her own creation Rock-a-Barre Baby, a boutique, contemporary Pilates, Barre and Yoga class.

Ellie also teaches Pilates in Edinburgh where she has her own studio the Pilates Hub. Ellie’s classes are fun, sweaty and invigorating (though she is aware her students describe her idea of ‘fun’ as different to everyone else’s). She has a vast knowledge and experience and plots workouts meticulously to get the most from every individual. Attendees were to be nudged outside their comfort zone and to exercise their laughter muscles as much as their body as she took them through the Classical elements of Pilates with a few of Joe’s original small contraptions.

Becky lives and teaches Pilates in Amsterdam and gave the Festival a European flair as she coaxed more movement out of attendees’ thoracic spines. Becky is a 2nd Generation Pilates Master having gone through the Pilates master Mentor Program with Lolita San Miguel. She was a professional dancer and is currently studying to become a physiotherapist having been inspired by Cameron Angus, the mastermind behind the Pilates Festival.

Cameron Angus Has invigorated Pilates in Scotland, settling back here after a Physiotherapist career with the Army. He travels the world to present Workshops and courses on the Pilates conference circuit and he runs a lovely Pilates studio in Bridge of Allan. Cam wanted to showcase the wonderful talent we have here in Scotland and invites the best and the brightest Pilates Teachers to present at the Pilates Festival which is primarily for clients and the Pilates gathering which is a Conference for Pilates Teachers in Edinburgh.


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