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The Art of Bälans…The Rope

26th February 2016

I realise that we have quite a few artistic touches is the design and decor of the Pilates Studio, so I thought I should work my way though highlighting all of them.

Therefore, starting at the front of the building, as you walk up the path there is a rope slung between short lampposts which are cut down telephone poles. My father in law is a sailor and he sourced the rope from a sailing yard on the West Coast of Scotland and he figures it to be over 100 years old. It is made of hemp and it's very sensitive to weather conditions.

I think it is a combination of humidity and temperature which makes the rope stretch and shrink, seemingly with a mind of it's own. Sometimes the curves are very luxurious as in this photo, and sometimes the rope is pulled taut and straight.

It always fascinates me when I walk along it going in or out of the studio. I see the rope as living history and it is my first entry to the long list of the Art of Bälans.


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