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The Art of Bälans…The Treatment Room Corridor Statue

20th February 2017

The Art of Bälans...The Treatment Room Corridor Statue

Walking into the Treatment Room at Bälans you pass a small black statue on your right. Joakim bought this statue in Sydney because of the seductive lines and curves which suggest a Pilates like suppleness – if a slightly optimistic neck flexibility of the stretching figure.

The statue of the kneeling female with back extension is made of black resin, the same material that surfboards are made of.

Joakim wrapped her up in many layers of bubble wrap and newspaper and transported her in his hand luggage to Melbourne from where he was returning to the UK. At the check-in desk at Melbourne Airport he was told she was too big for the overhead locker on the international flight, but the woman behind the counter must have liked art too, because she booked the statue to take the seat next to Joakim from Melbourne to Edinburgh at no extra cost. Thanks to our pretty little statue he had one of the most comfortable 22 hours on board he’s ever had!


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