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The Art of Bälans…The Ceiling Lamp Shades

8th of May 2016

The Art of Bälans...The Ceiling Lamp Shades.

Not many people know that Joakim spent four years of his life at Fashion Design College back in Sydney. This week’s Art of Bälans story shows how his design skills were put to good use in the decoration of your Pilates Studio.

Lighting is very important in the design of any interior and when Joakim knew what he wanted for the reception area and corridor, but was not able to find ceiling lamp shades that were just right he decided to make them. He found large drum shaped lampshade making kits online and bought rolls of natural hessian to give the lamp shades natural warmth and texture, and large girth, but shallow depth. The ceilings are very low in this building and if the shades had been as deep as they normally are when they are this large, they would have dominated the space too much.

Time was very tight at the tail end of the refurbishment of Bälans and the lampshades have a few flaws here and there which could not be rectified in time. We hope this handmade look helps to give the place a feel that the design was made with love and good intentions, down to the smallest detail.


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