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Sam’s New Year’s Resolution

7th January 2019

“My New Year’s resolution coming into 2019 was to make some time for a Pilates class, a little window of time each week for myself was the idea. My exercise at the moment is mostly running or HIIT classes and I have been noticing aches and pains more and more recently and I hoped that Pilates may help that (and allow a bit of de-stress time!).

So on Monday I started a 6-week block for beginners at Balans. On entering the studio I instantly felt more relaxed, it was tranquil and relaxing and Joakim was very welcoming.

The lovely Petra took us through a warm up and then Joakim took the rest of the class. He explained each move so thoroughly that it was easy to understand what you were to be getting from each one. Despite being new to Pilates I felt at ease, even when we all had our hands under each other’s armpits!

I am excited to see what the rest of the block brings and will be blogging each week on the progress I (hopefully) make.”



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