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Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training at Bälans Pilates Studio, Perth

About You

You love Pilates. That is the core reason why you are reading this in the first place.

Your love for doing Pilates makes you want to teach Pilates, and you have a drive to learn more about Pilates. It makes sense to explore the close connection to Joseph Pilates and his Method which Lolita’s legacy offers.

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds. Some people want to expand their current qualifications, some people want to take on a new exciting career, and some simply want to know more to widen their own practice.

Many Pilates enthusiast who have never taught before want to make a change and to transform the lives of others in the way that they have experienced themselves Matwork Pilates Instructors often join Lolita's Legacy™ to learn the complete Pilates Method.

Whatever you background, you have a desire to take your skills to the next level

Maybe you want to explore the intriguing world of the Pilates Apparatus. Perhaps you have felt there is something missing in your training thus far, or maybe you just want to see how far you can go in your own personal development.

Lolita's Legacy™ is an exciting challenge. If you are unsure about being ready to start, get in contact and we will gladly help you plan the steps you need to take to become a 3rd Generation Pilates Teacher

About Our Graduates

Lolita's Legacy™ Graduates are 3rd Generation, Comprehensive Pilates Teachers

Your Educators are a select group of highly experienced Pilates Teachers chosen from Lolita's Disciples, those who graduated from her Pilates Master Mentor Program. Educators are selected because they have a passion, and dedication to pass on the integrity and the genius of the Pilates method through Lolita's Legacy™

Lolita's Legacy™ Graduates join a special family of Pilates Teachers whose qualification is recognised the world over. Even from our base in Scotland we have former students who now practice their Pilates trade across the UK, in Holland, Italy Australia and Canada

Our Graduates have set up their own Pilates Studios, found rewarding jobs in established Studios, some work privately from home, and some are travelling the world on the strength of their skills and knowledge

Your qualification from Lolita's Legacy™ is recognised by the NPCP, the National Pilates Certification Program. This was formerly known as the Pilates Method Alliance certification and is the largest verification body of Pilates Teachers in the world. Lolita's Legacy™ graduates are invited to sit this separate exam which only certifies comprehensively trained Pilates Teachers

In the UK, your qualification from Lolita's Legacy™ entitles you to membership as a Pilates Instructor Associate of CIMSPA

There are many Level 3 Pilates Diploma courses in the UK. This banner only covers Matwork qualifications, and is therefore irrelevant in the case of a comprehensive certification like Lolita's Legacy™ which trains you to become a fully qualified Pilates Teacher

Pilates Teaching is a great career because you can choose your hours, your location, your pay. Many people work as part time Pilates Teachers around another job or a family. The satisfaction we get from helping other be their best self is amazing!

About Lolita San Miguel

Lolita San Miguel was an accomplished professional ballerina in New York City when she was injured and sent to do Pilates for rehabilitation. Her injury was healed, and her career flourished while her love for the Pilates Method grew

Lolita’s first Pilates Teacher was Carola Trier, who encouraged her to train to teach the Method herself. Lolita undertook a course of certification with Joseph Pilates himself, apprenticed to him in his Studio and assisting him in his work. Lolita is one of only two people in the world to be certified by Joseph Pilates

After Joes death, Lolita continued to inspire and develop people with her twin loves - ballet and Pilates. She founded a ballet company and opened a Pilates Studio.

Lolita is recognised as a Pilates Elder, one of the few 1 st Generation Pilates Teachers who helped to shape the industry and promote the Pilates Method to its current levels of popularity.  One of the best aspects of Lolita's view of Pilates is her inclusiveness.  There are several strands of Pilates Teacher Training and she recognises all and gives respect where it is due.  Lolita believes that one needs to know the full repertoire of Matwork and Apparatus before one can truly be called a Pilates Teacher.  This is why so many people who have started their Pilates Teacher journey with other schools often gravitate towards this inclusive and well rounded training.

Lolita’s Legacy™ was created after many years of refining her understanding of Joseph Pilates’ vision.  It has been influenced by modern scientific advancements, technological progress and yet stays true to the intentions which Joe promoted.

Well into her eighties, Lolita is the living embodiment of healthy movement for longevity. She continues to inspire her Disciples and their students and provides fascinating insights into Pilates the man and his Method at conferences and workshops around the globe.

Lolita has visited our Studio twice on her world travels, testing out our first Group in 2016 and running workshops for clients and Teachers.

Are you ready to start your next Pilates adventure?

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About Joesph Pilates

Joseph Pilates developed a system of exercise in the early 20th century to improve the physical and mental condition of its practitioners. During his lifetime, his Method helped people to thrive despite the turbulent years of WWI, the Spanish Influenza, and WWII. He saved and prolonged the career of many an injured athlete. Today, Joe’s legacy has swept the globe and continues to help everyone from professional sports stars to desk jockeys improve their physique and performance

He developed his Method of movement using only gravity as a force of resistance in its most popular manifestation - the Matwork. But there is also an entire system of exercises using his ingenious spring resisted Studio Apparatus, all of which are covered in this course

Joe lived a long and healthy life, excelling in physical endeavours in his youth and maintaining a holistic vitality in his later years, all thanks to the Method of exercise which he developed and practiced every day

Joseph Pilates was a man ahead of his time and Lolita's Legacy™ builds on his foundations. Lolita believes it is essential to honour the historical origins of his Method. Equally, Lolita recognises the advancements which have continue to be made in technology and sports science

Joe’s Method was never static, he evolved and developed as he went along. Lolita's Legacy™ gives you the chance to continue this progress, helping you develop into a timeless Pilates Teacher, following in the footsteps of the great Joseph Pilates

The Course

Intensive Version
Designed for International Students and Pilates Matwork Teachers

  • 500 Hours
  • 4 Blocks between 5 & 9 days
  • over 12 months

Regular Version
Designed for Enthusiastic lovers of Pilates with no Qualifications who can attend weekends only

  • 500 Hours
  • 12 x 2 Day weekends
  • over 18 months

Mat System
Matwork Module: Pilates Foundations
System I
System I – Introduction to the Apparatus
System II
System II – Intermediate work on Apparatus
System III
System III – Consolidation of Apparatus and Advanced Levels

Course Fee: £5,255
Paid Monthly or by 4 Installments

Next Start Date:
Intensive Version

8th January 2024

Next Start Date:
Weekends Version

7th October 2023

Try For Yourself

Lolita’s Legacy™ is a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Course and covers historical and contemporary Pilates exercises on the Mat, and the full suite of Studio Apparatus.

You will become confident with the Reformer, Cadillac/Trapeze Table, Chair, Ladder Barrel, spine Corrector and Auxiliary equipment. The four parts of the course are: Introduction and Mat plus Systems I, II and III that cover Pilates Apparatus and Auxiliary equipment.

If you want to try the Apparatus or see our lovely Studio, book in for a free consultation either in person or over Zoom.

Bälans Pilates Studio is linked to the UK and overseas by Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow Airports, and there is good accommodation on site at reasonable rates.