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My Pilates Journey Day 6. Rest Pose

12 June 2017 – Day 6

My Pilates Journey Day 6. Rest Pose

12 June 2017 – Day 6

“Breathe in to prepare and breathe out to bring your arms back to rest pose…”

Rest pose…this position was where I was this weekend. Although I’m at the studio for 9 hours a day, (lunch and Pilates classes included), last week has gone by so quickly! I want to thank all the staff who have helped me to feel welcome and have been patient with me as I learn the ways of the studio and business. I’d also like to thank you for your welcome and friendly conversation this week, it made my week so enjoyable. For those of you I haven’t had a chance to meet yet, I look forward to meeting you soon.

I have officially completed my first (intensive) week of Pilates—I can boast having two mat work classes, one BarreConcept class, and five 1:1 sessions under my belt. I still have a lot to learn, but for now the apprehensions I felt last week are gone. I did not realize how relaxing Pilates could be despite it being a proper workout and having to focus rather hard to make sure that my body position is right and that I am moving properly. It might have helped that the soothing music in the reception area was accompanied by the constant downpour of rain during the last four out of five days.

While the beginning Pilates classes have not been high impact, I’ve been told that as you continue into the more advanced movements and experience the Classical Routine, that not only it the class highly intense because of the constant flowing movement of the class. If I am ever in the studio during one of the level four classes, I will ask Joakim if I can record part of the session, it fascinates me how strong our bodies are and what they can be pushed to do. I am only working through the Beginner’s and level one classes now, so if you are in any of the higher levels or attend any of the Apparatus classes, I would love to have a chat with you about your Pilates experience.

Last week was focused on working through the Beginner’s classes with Joakim and Vivienne. Their focus has been teaching me correct positioning and movements. My focus was remembering how to breath while being in the correct position, maintaining relaxed shoulders, and engaging the various muscles through my torso, buttocks, and legs. It does bring me comfort to know that many of you have also made it through the Beginner’s classes and being able to do these things will come with time.

At the reception desk, we keep a notebook for messages between staff, and on the front of the notebook, there is a list called ‘Kit of the Week’. It lists objects like ‘foam roller’, ‘magic circle’, and ‘stretchy band’. As a new member of staff, I had no idea what that meant, but I soon learned as I stepped into Thursday’s mixed level mat work class. Every week during the block of classes, a different kit used to in addition to the Pilates movements. This week, was the stretchy band. I’ve used stretchy bands before for physical therapy and muscle strengthening exercises, so I knew that they could be used in many ways. During both the mat work class and the BarreConcept class though, I was really stretched and so many different muscles were all engaged at the same time. I am quite sad that the stretchy band week is over, but I am so curious to see what the Swiss Ball Kit will bring next week.

My first week was phenomenal. I can only imagine how well toned and flexible I will be at the end of my internship. I have a new understanding of how my body can be used against me for my own good and I have enjoyed it.

Also, kudos for those of you answered the second question on last week’s quiz!


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