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My Pilates Journey Day 4 – My Goals at Balans

3rd January 2018

My Pilates Journey Day 4 – My Goals at Balans

3rd January 2018 – Day 4

I’ve spent some time thinking about how I can best benefit from my time here at Balans. When my university sent me the job description and role, the focus was on marketing, it being a marketing internship. As a management student, I have learned a lot in the lecture theatre about how to design and market a brand, but I have little to no practical experience, and given that I have found the theory really interesting, I applied for the internship in order to explore it in more detail.

However, from my first interview at the studio, I knew that this wasn’t going to be the internship I expected. I thought that I would be sitting behind a desk all day, taking the occasional photo, and planning Facebook posts, occupying a very behind-the-scenes role.

This has not happened, and thank goodness for it! Instead, I have been involved in classes, learning from all the different members of staff at Balans, and have been given the chance to meet and interact with the lovely clients. One of the biggest opportunities I have here is the chance to try pilates for myself and see how it affects me. With that in mind, I have been reevaluating my goals for this internship. While I still want to learn more about working in marketing and developing my advertising skills, there is more I want to explore with regards to my own personal fitness and health.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I am a hockey player, so I have been looking at pilates as a way to help improve my skills as a hockey goalie. When I’m playing, there are two things I always have to remember: Keep your eyes on the ball, and always be prepared. Being a goalie can mean standing around in the goal for 20 minutes doing nothing, and then suddenly a striker is running towards you and you have to spring into action or risk letting them score. I have to always be focused, and always ready. Pilates helps you stay in control of your body, always being aware of it and planning every movement carefully. When I go back to the pitch after the holidays, I hope to be more in control of my body, with faster reactions which will lead me to save more goals.

More control over my body will also help me stay safe when playing hockey. Goalies have to make lots of crazy dives, lunges and leaps into the air in order to protect their goal, and if not done correctly, they can lead to muscle tears, as well as leaving you with bruises, bumps and lumps everywhere, not to mention that you have to protect yourself against a speeding hockey ball flying through the air towards you! Pilates helps you control your muscles, strengthening the neurological pathways between your brain and your body, which helps you train parts of your body like your core to stay strong and in the position you need it to be in to stop yourself from getting hurt.

Besides hockey, there are other areas in my life where I could do with the help of pilates. I have never been a very flexible person, and I always scoffed at the idea that flexibility could be improved. I’ve tried, and I’ve never seen an improvement! Nevertheless, pilates is meant to help with flexibility, and I shall be open-minded at this possibility. Who knows, maybe I’ll even be able to do the splits by the end of the month!

Finally, a big thing that I want to work on with pilates is my posture. I have terrible posture! When sitting anywhere, I either slouch forward, or lean back so far that I’m practically lying down. It’s always been a gripe of my mum’s, she’s always telling me to sit up straight, so hopefully by the end of this month, I’ll be able to impress her!

For my final blog post at the end of the month, I hope to return to this post and reflect on these goals, and see if I have managed to achieve any of them. Here’s hoping there is some improvement!


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