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My Pilates Journey Day 1. Apprehension

5th June 2017

My Pilates Journey Day 1. Apprehension

Today has been a day of firsts; my first time traveling to Perth, the first day of my Santander Internship with Bälans Pilates, and my first Pilates class. Out of those three things, I was most nervous about the last thing, but we can talk about that more in a moment.

Let me begin by introducing myself, my name is Janell. I am an American student studying International Relations and History at the University of St. Andrews and I will be a summer intern at the studio for the next 10 weeks. During which time, I will be working with Joakim and the other instructors to make sure that operations run smoothly and that your visits to the studio are even smoother

In addition to assisting the staff with administrative duties, I will be introduced into the world of Pilates first through an intensive week of Beginner’s sessions and then joining you in some of the other classes that the studio provides if there is availability.

I would not say that I am a very sporty person—I love most sports, but they do not seem to like me. I found my niche in cheerleading and after a short break during my last few years of secondary school, I returned to the one sport that I am good at. I am a competitive cheerleader with the University of St. Andrews and spend a lot of time using muscles to tumble and to lift other people into the air. If I was invited to do stunting—lifting people into the air—I would volunteer in a heartbeat, I know exactly which muscles to use because it takes a lot of power and is all about strength. Pilates is also strength based, but in a much different way, and that is where the nerves set in.

As a cheerleader, strength comes from your legs with some help from your core and your shoulder muscles. You use energy in powerful spurts and the control is found in working with the three or four people in your group; you are the counter balance for them. In Pilates, everything you do is focused on you and your own movements. You are learning to be aware of your own body and the little habits that you did not realize that were causing you to be off balance. You do not have anyone to adjust to your weaknesses, you are in full control of deciding how far you can go.

As I said earlier, I had my first class today and in order to set me up for the rest of the classes all of my classes this week are one-on-one with the instructors this week. It was a bit more nerve-wracking than I had expected it to be, just because I was not quite sure what where we were going to start. Earlier, I had looked through some of the class outlines and realized that I had no idea what any of the poses and movements meant.

Thankfully we started with most basic beginners exercises and Joakim explained not only the positions, but what the positions were meant to affect and how the slightest variations change the entire exercise. I am now far less nervous about Pilates and although I am starting to feel how much the techniques stretched the muscles around my shoulders and back, I am excited for tomorrow and the new things I will be taught.

Coming into this with no experience means that I have a so much to learn, but I am excited to share my journey with you in the next ten weeks and hopefully, I will see you around the studio.


  1. Rona says:

    Welcome! You’ve joined the best Pilates studio/family in the land! Looking forward to meeting you (normally Thursday mornings). As one of the “oldies”() it’s great to be inspired by the young and enthusiastic. Have fun!

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