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My Pilates Internship Journal – Week 1: Being Back After Holidays

9 January 2019

My Pilates Internship Journal – Week 1: Being Back After Holidays

On the first day of the internship let me just say I can’t wait to see what the rest of winter has in store at the studio. Before going to tell that, let me introduce myself. I am Zhuhan (pronounced Jo-Anne) from Beijing, China. I am in my third year studying Economics and Computer Science at the University of St. Andrews. I’ll be one of the winter interns at Bälans Pilates Studio for the next two weeks. I will be posting to update you guys on what I am learning and how my experience is going. There also will be another intern, Jiesen, from next week. So stay tuned…

I applied for this position through the Santander Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Scheme and was intended to be an App designer and developer for 1:1 Pilates sessions. However, in my interview, after being warmly greeted by founder Joakim, I was told that my work had been changed a little bit and I’m not going to code for the App. Instead, I will be working on the web design, Facebook promotion, administrative duties and being used as the body for the Pilates Teacher Training Course. So, even before the job started, I knew I needed to be versatile.

With regard to Pilates, I have little experience. I tried very basic Yoga when I was a kid. Since I totally understand the importance of doing exercises with guidance, I rarely do skilful sports or strengthening exercises. I’ve only been to the universities gym once in the past semester - my final exam was in the Sports Hall! But believe me, I’m into getting a workout. I enjoy jogging and have a daily coastal run. I’ve always been flexible. I love stretching after running, which helps me cool down and brings me back into peace. However, it’s been a while since my last workout. Coming back from the winter break means a chance to get regular exercise and get back in shape.

- DAY 1

My first class at Bälans was totally unexpected and definitely made an impression on me. It seems that I am trustworthy enough that Joakim sent his lovely son Albie into the Fitdankbaby class with me. I was not exactly prepared for this! I had no sibling at home and zero experience taking care of little angels. However, it is never too soon to deal with babies and it’s always good to learn something new. The class with Alison was amazing and I think it is perfect for Mums. The best part is that babies are involved. They are actually used as the weight for the exercise. Most activities are designed both for an effective workout and for the intimate relationship with the child. I could see that all mothers in my class enjoyed their workout with babies. I also ended up having a wonderful time with a Fitdankbaby doll. Unfortunately, Albie felt bored with me after the first 30 min and left me alone…

- DAY 2

The second class was also challenging, but in a different way. My first Pilates experience started at the Apparatus room from Level 2. Without Albie this time, I faced all the difficulties alone. As I mentioned, I am quite flexible and expected that Pilates would not be very difficult on my body. So somehow I underestimated the classes I’m going to take. Pilates is not just to increase flexibility. With Apparatus, muscles are strengthened and I need balance. My biggest challenge is I am weak in strength. Since I could stretch easily, I need to control the apparatus when it pulled back and made it slow. I am so thankful for having Alison and being closely instructed. Moreover, as this was an advanced level Pilates, my classmates were all experienced and know their bodies. I could see they clearly understand their limits and have their own training pace.

It’s great to step outside the comfort zone and try out new things. Now I am really looking forward to my second half of the first week. Also, follow our Facebook page and we will have some events coming up soon for 2019. I will see you all around the Studio!


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