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My Pilates Internship Journal – Week 1.5: Hearing From My Body

14 January 2019

My Pilates Internship Journal – Week 1.5: Hearing From My Body

I woke up right before my alarm for a whole semester. I intentionally made myself exhausted from my coastal run so that I would fall asleep for a longer period. But it didn’t seem to work. I thought it was the school work – as this is my honour year. However, my sleep cycle continues during the winter break. The body has become accustomed to it, until my second Pilates class.

After the Apparatus Pilates, my body is alleviated with exercises. In the next morning, I woke up, surprisingly, with my alarm and delight. I have to admit that my back was sore and burning but in a good way. Because my brain, in exchange, is fresh and fully charged, I can feel that my sleep has been improved in duration as well as in quality.

Another thing that I recently discovered from Pilates is that being flexible is not everything, and sometimes it can cause trouble. In my Pilates Mat Class with Katy, my flexibility was not working. I was asked to control the refined and subtle movements by my muscles aiming to develop the core strength, which is exactly what I need.

Joakim confirmed it on my next class with him. With good elasticity, it can be expected that I am weak in strength. According to his theory, people are designed to behave like this – to save energy in daily movements. I would prefer to use my flexibility to achieve some goals, instead of using my muscles, which is called reducing energy expenditure (by cheating). This innate behaviour can lead to harmful result as my age increases, like the injuries because of my loose limbs. Without any doubt, it can be sorted by building up muscles and increasing the control of the joints in my Pilates classes.

The BarreConcept class I had on Friday is my favourite. I’ve heard of Barre before, known as the popular ballet-inspired workout for supermodels and athletes. Now I finally got a chance to try it out. Soon after the class started, I understood why people like it – Barre burns the fat with the music highlight of 2018 (most are 125 or higher BPM). It’s enjoyable entertaining with elegance and grace as well, as some moves are Ballet-incorporated. Sometimes it can be quite tough and intense, for some exercises requiring small range-of-motion movements that focus on strength training.

I hope you guys all had a lovely weekend after the first week of work/study in 2019. Mine was pretty relaxing and I spent most of the time recovering from the workout. I’m glad to listen to my body’s signals and get in touch with the feelings again. Can’t wait for more to come with Pilates.


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