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Lolita’s Legacy Graduate Spotlight: Petra Kliempt

3rd August 2018

Round two of our Lolita’s Legacy Spotlight Series, this time it’s from graduate Petra! Petra is 49, hails from Germany and has spent much of her life dedicated to advancing healthcare. As a former classical ballet dancer, Petra discovered the benefits of Pilates after she retired from her dance career. She was a member of the first cohort to graduate from Lolita’s Legacy in Scotland in April 2017, adding certified comprehensive Pilates instructor to her long list of qualifications (including a BSc, a MPH and a PhD). Here she shares some reflections on the course.

What did you do prior to completing Lolita’s Legacy Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training?

I was a ballet dancer, a nurse, then a Public Health researcher and teaching fellow at the University of Dundee. I continue to work for a charity offering Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment in the community.

How has your career and life changed since graduating?

It has broadened my understanding of the legacy of Joseph Pilates passed on by Lolita San Miguel and her second generation tutors. I had the pleasure of experiencing Lolita’s teaching several times at Bälans Pilates studio. Our group was examined by her in April 2017 which added to our nerves! However, once we had recovered from the exam we felt privileged to have had a Pilates elder examine us.

My Pilates repertoire has widened to not only teach mat but also apparatus on any type of equipment. I continue to be an instructor at the Bälans Pilates studio.

What have you achieved that wouldn’t have been possible without Lolita’s Legacy?

To become a comprehensive Pilates instructor and being able to understand the historical Pilates exercises in comparison to the contemporary Pilates exercises and applying this knowledge to today’s clients. One feels much closer to the source.

What’s the best thing about being a 3rd Generation Pilates teacher?

Feeling part of the Pilates family/community, knowing that I can contact many Lolita Legacy instructors anywhere in the world and be welcomed with open arms. It very much widens the horizon and opportunities to work overseas.

How does this course compare to other training you have done?

Other courses tend to be more focused on the tutor’s interpretation of Pilates exercises. This course allows students to understand the origins of Pilates (Contrology) and it gives a much more in depth knowledge of history and the individual exercises.

What was your biggest challenge during the course?

As a mature student retaining all the material and sitting an exam.

What was your biggest achievement?

Managing to do the difficult System III exercises. Most of them involved ‘hanging upside down’ e.g the jack knife on the ladder barrel.

Thanks Petra!

You can find out more about Petra’s reflections on the connections between dance and Pilates by clicking here.

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