Petra Kliempt

Petra Kliempt - Pilates & BarreConcept Instructor

Petra qualified as a Pilates Instructor with Hanson Pilates in 2013 and later, in 2017, qualified as a 3rd Generation Comprehensive Pilates Instructor through the Lolita's Legacy program at Balans. She is also a BarreConcept Instructor and brings grace and dignity to the Bälans team.

Petra is a retired professional Ballet dancer who danced in Germany and Hungary. After retiring from a dance career she trained as practise nurse in Germany and moved to the UK in 1992 where she worked in London. A BSc (hons) with the Open University was followed by a Master in Public Health and a PhD at the University of Dundee.

Petra works for a charity providing hyperbaric oxygen treatment in the community and at Balans. In this way Petra has achieved the perfect ‘balance’ with her work at Bälans, helping improve people’s health with Pilates/BarreConcept and oxygen treatment and combining it with her passion for movement and dance.

Petra offers Matwork and Apparatus Pilates Classes, BarreConcept and 1:1 sessions.