Lynne Buttercase

Hi I’m Lynne. I’m one of the instructors at Balans Pilates Studio. I’ve been teaching here for almost 2 years following the completion of my Lolita’s Legacy Qualification as an add on to my full time job in the NHS.

I’ve been coming to Balans for a lot longer than I’ve been teaching. I originally came to Joakim for sports massage as I was suffering with aches & pains brought about by horse riding. He recommended I might want to try Pilates to help out with my balance, body awareness, strength & flexibility.

I’ve never looked back!

That was more than 10 years ago & I’ve been training on pretty much a weekly basis with Joakim ever since, working my way up from Level 1 to Level 4 & then on to my teacher training. Pilates captures for me the perfect balance of physical & mental challenge, and has produced results for me that I’ve not been able to realise in any other fitness activity. It has such a wealth of variation that has kept me interested for all those years & my general fitness levels & ability to comfortably do a range of other sports has greatly improved.

I have a real passion for teaching on the Pilates equipment & making sure my clients are challenged regardless of what level! My clients will know I’m not happy unless I can hear the groans of exertion (if you’re quiet then you’re not working hard enough 😉) & I love to find new challenging moves to incorporate into my class plans.

It’s also important clients enjoy classes so don’t expect a quiet, relaxing time every week in my class! Do come along if you want to improve your fitness, challenge your limits & feel the burn!