How to survive your first Training With The Team session

Movement Instructors - How to survive your first Training With The Team session

Published: 15/12/2020
Pilates Teacher Joakim Valsinger sitting on a Pilates Mat

Movement Instructors

How to survive your first Training With The Team session.

The real question is, how can you survive as a movement therapist without it? 

What’s it cost?  Some of your most valuable asset – time.

What do you get? A Workout.

What’s a Workout?  An investment in you.  A small moment in time where you put yourself first.  One session ticked off your To-Do list.  One step towards being a better you.

This is simply a workout. Just you, me, your Mat and gravity. 

It is a free training session for Instructors.  I don’t teach, I simply move and call out my actions.  You follow how you want and do your own versions whenever you need to – you’re in charge of your own body.

Uncle Joe is looking down at us toiling around his Method.

Training With The Team was started when I had a British Champion bodybuilder as a client.  She was also a personal trainer and she trained at 1pm every weekday.  “You train in the middle of your workday?”  I asked, and she calmly told me this was part of her work, not a hobby.  Clearly, her results were based on her professional approach to her training.

We are fitness professionals too.  We therefore need to move with purpose and apply to it the same attitude we have towards attending new courses, keeping our Studio clean and our books in order.

All you need to have is an interest in moving your body for your sake.  We become better teachers when we move more!

Those of us who have been taking these sessions since the start of Lockdown have all seen the benefits of consistency.  We have all seen improvement in one way or another.  It has been a small part of our survival strategy!

I’m delighted to be coming out of lockdown with a great new community of colleagues and training buddies.

How do you survive your first Training With The Team session?  Just turn up, open your mind and hold on for the ride.  Nobody knows what is going to happen!

Join us at 1pm GMT on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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