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My Pilates Journey - Week 9: A Few of My Favourite Things

Published: 09/07/2019
Event Date Tue 9th July

It’s week 9 of my Pilates Journey, which means that next week is my last week. This internship has been such a wonderful experience, so I thought I would take the time to think back on some of my favourite things about my time here.

1. The community at Bälans

The clients and staff alike have been so welcoming since day 1 and this welcome helped me terrifically at the start of my internship, but now that it’s drawing to a close, I feel like I have truly become a part of the community. I know that I’d feel very welcomed, should I ever have the opportunity (and hopefully I will) to pop back and take a class some time.

2. Getting stronger

My core especially has been getting stronger, so much so that I made it into my first teaser last week! It was on the reformer, with the help of the push through bar on the tower and for the first time I felt what the position should feel like on my body when I am in a Teaser. And last night I looked down and realised that I have lats! I'm practically turning into Arnold Schwarzenegger before our eyes. I’m so excited to get back to uni and test out these newfound strengths on the climbing wall.

3. Walking to work

This isn’t so closely related to my Pilates journey, but it has had a positive impact on my time here. Most days I’ve walked the 45 minutes either to or from work. I know this doesn’t seem like such a long way, but getting myself to take that time, rather than just using the bus, has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Walking through the woods with all of the summer flowers out is quite a departure from my usual 5-minute walk to the library and back in St Andrews. Making the effort to take the longer, more picturesque route is definitely something I plan to continue back at uni – got to make the most of being beside the sea whilst I can!

4. Learning about the different ways to do Pilates

I had some Pilates experience before I came here, but the existence of Pilates apparatus came as quite a shock. I wrote about my experience with apparatus in week 4, but to be honest Matwork is probably still my favourite. I’ve had the great joy of being taught by many different teachers both resident at Bälans, training here and visiting. Each of these people has had their own unique teaching style, which has delightfully shaken up my practice each time.

5. Triple Play Workshop Day

One of the visiting teachers I mentioned in number 4 was Carrie Russo, who came up for our Triple Play Workshop Day. She was taught under a different school than the teachers I had experienced here, who are all part of the Lolita’s Legacy family. In the workshop that she taught, she went through the classical matwork routine and did a deep dive into the details of executing each movement. This information has been so useful throughout the rest of the classes that I’ve taken here. It’s experiences like this that make workshops so great. I really encourage everyone to give them a go, the longer, more goal topic specific nature of them can add something to anyone’s practice.

The pictures this week are of me participating in the Triple Play Workshop Day and of Carrie Russo taking her part of the workshop.

These are just a few of my favourite experiences from my time here, and who knows, I’ve still got a few days, maybe something will top them!

Until next week, see you in class! – Alusha