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My Pilates Journey - Week 7: Pilates and Massage

Published: 01/07/2019

One of the perks of working here has been the opportunity to experience sports therapy massage. It’s been an experience that I would recommend to anyone (sporty or not!).

Before coming here I’d only ever tried relaxation massage and, as pleasant as that was, it paled in comparison to the experience of getting a massage at Bälans from Lee (pictured). The difference was apparent in both the style of the massage and its effect. Lee used much more pressure than I had experienced previously and whilst it wasn’t soothing exactly, it felt like it was doing my body a world of good.

This was particularly apparent in my shoulders which Lee really dug into and worked out the knots which have gathered throughout my shoulders-on-ears everyday life. This was one of those hurt-so-good spots and when I came out, I was sure that my shoulders have never felt so squishy in my life. The amount of work that my shoulders required really brought home to me the impacts of my posture and of holding all of my nervous energy in my shoulders.

This awareness of my shoulders is mirrored in the work I’ve been putting in the Pilates classes I’ve been attending. One of the adjustments that I’ve been making to my movements across the board has been to pull down my shoulders and there’s been many occasions where I’ve reaped the benefits. I’ve particularly noticed how engaging my lats has helped in core-heavy exercises helps me to achieve the movement I was aiming for (I'm looking at you Teaser) and that I can achieve much more length through my spine when my shoulders aren’t crunched up.

From talking to other people who’ve had a massage at Bälans, this harmonious marriage of Pilates and massage seems to be true across the board. There does, however, seem to have been a few people who didn’t realise how great a massage could be for them, their mobility and their Pilates practice, and to those people I encourage you to come in and give it a go! Whether it’s on your back, your legs or your full body, you’ll really feel the difference (and if nothing else you’ll feel pampered!).

Until next week, see you in class! – Alusha