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My Pilates Journey - Week 10: My Last Week

Published: 16/07/2019
Event Date Tue 16th July

It’s my last week here at Bälans and it’s very bittersweet to be going. I’ve had such a wonderful time here and met so many interesting and interested people who I will most definitely miss. On the other hand I’m excited to get started on the next part of my summer researching for my dissertation, KonMari-ing my stuff and doing the West Highland Way. As it’s my last week of this blog I’m going to revisit my goals that I chatted about in weeks one and five.

As I mentioned in week 5 I’m surprised at how non-specific my week 1 goals were: a lesson for next time! However, my main goal was to improve my posture, a feat I’ve achieved to a fair degree and in doing so feel like I’ve grown about a foot. There are definitely still a few things I want to work on with my posture, not least remembering to maintain it in my everyday life, but I feel like now I’ve got the tools to do so.

One of the most important of these tools is body awareness. In week 5 I talked about my new understanding of what neutral spine feels like for me. In the past 5 weeks I’ve built on this foundation and am getting better at maintaining neutral spine when I’m trying to, as well as twisting and flexing from this position.

These last 5 weeks haven’t all been plain sailing up the learning curve and, as with anything that you do every day, some of the movements had become routine and I’d stopped challenging myself. This was obvious when I had a one to one (pictured) last Friday and worked much harder than I had in ages. Having a one to one was also so useful to be able to ask questions about the movements I’d experienced in class and to work on exactly the things that I wanted to work on. I’d definitely recommend a 1 to 1 with any of our teachers to anyone who’d like the chance to shake their practice up a bit.

My favourite movement that I was shown in this session was a stretch for the outer section of my calf, just below the knee, which had been getting tight where I’ve been working hard to not sickle my feet. This has felt particularly nice when I do it at home after a day where I’ve done a lot of walking and is one I’ll definitely use when I’m out hiking. This stretch is not the only way that Pilates has impacted on my walking – I now make sure to engage my new found core muscles and am much more able to walk upright and with a strong back whilst carrying a heavy bag.

Next thing on my list to work on is my neck position, although throughout my time here, that’s definitely gotten less hang dog, I even sleep on fewer pillows now. Along with this, I want to build up my cardio ability. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to go to Barre classes here, which have provided me with some cardio – especially when Joakim takes them! But I know I need to get more than this in the future if I want to not get utterly puffed every time that I cycle up a slight hill.

The skills that I’ve learned doing Pilates here will be invaluable as my fitness journey progresses, just as, I’m sure, the skills I’ve learned on the business side of things will be so useful in the future.

And with that I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone here for all of their expert Pilates instruction, lifts to Scone when I just want to get home for my dinner and all around friendship and love that they’ve shown to me and the world.

So for the last time: See you in class – Alusha.