Rachel's Story

Published: 22/11/2022

What has Pilates done for you?

Pilates has changed Rachel’s life.  It has taught her to be patient ( she was the kinda girl who wanted everything yesterday).  Pilates has improved her posture and has given her the core strength she never thought possible.  Through daily practise of the Method, Rachel’s lung capacity has improved to the extent that she rarely uses her inhalers to manage her asthma.  As a child, Rachel dreamed of becoming a gymnast and a dancer.  Through Lolita Pilates, she is able to fulfill this dream, moving with grace and strength. Rachel tells us “ before I started my Pilates journey, I was the girl who became easily frustrated and quick to give up if I couldn’t do something right first time.  Pilates has taught me that with perseverance and passion, anything is possible” 
Why did you start the course?

Rachel was motivated to embark on the Pilates course when her passion for the Method grew to the point where she found difficulty falling asleep at night because she just wanted to know more and do more.  Rachel tells us “A million dreams were keeping me awake.  I had realised the magic powers of the Pilates method and was desperate to delve deeper and share my passion with others,”
Any revelations along the way?

It was a huge learning curve for Rachel  “Who knew the importance of the feet and the impact that healthy feet have on the body?”  Rachel is hugely grateful for the postural changes that occurred during the course and how ultimately her struggles became her strength “I would not be the Pilates Teacher I am today without taking the time to work through my multitude of postural imbalances.”

What’s your favourite exercise?

Rachel’s favourite exercise is Teaser on the Reformer.  It’s the one that has caused much frustration over the duration of the course but has, in equal measure given the greatest of rewards.

What do you want a client to get from a class with you?

Rachel’s classes are filled with energy and passion.  She wants her clients to understand how and why Pilates will enrich their lives.  Rachel makes it her mission to ensure you leave the class feeling taller, with freedom of movement and a spring in your step, ready to take on whatever life has to offer. “Above all, I want my clients to be happy. In the words of our beloved Joe ‘Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness’, and I couldn’t agree more.”