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Andrew Naughton Becomes the First Man to Graduate From Lolita’s Legacy in the UK

19th January 2018

Andrew Naughton has today graduated from Lolita's Legacy Teacher Training course!

Andy and Joakim go way back from when they were both in the military. On Joakim's suggestion, he began learning and teaching Pilates only 2 years ago, and thanks to his hard work, he has become the first man to graduate from the course in the UK. This, Lolita and the boys hope, will help change the way Pilates is viewed, and make it more acceptable for men to take pilates seriously, in the UK and around the world. It also makes Scotland a leading light in Pilates, with the high percentage of male instructors.

A lot of people think that Pilates is an exercise just for women, when in fact it was a man who invented Pilates, and he invented it to help male military veterans adjust back to society while dealing with their injuries. With more male instructors, Pilates will hopefully be opened up to a new demographic who will be able to discover the benefits it has for posture, flexibility and back and hip pain.

In a short space of time, and thanks to the Lolita's Legacy training course, Andy has found a new passion, and has been able to found a business and make a living from it. There are new Legacy training courses starting up in March and in August, if you think it's something that you would be interested in, you can find more information in our 'Pilates Teacher Training' section of our website. To learn more about Andy, visit our 'Meet the Team' page and read his bio!

Andy will be filling in for our instructor Alison as she is on maternity leave, he has already taught some classes, and has received fantastic feedback! He also runs his own Pilates studio in Aberdeen called Aberdeen Pilates Man.


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