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Group E of Lolita’s Legacy started their Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Course today

24th March 2018

Pilates Teacher Training Scotland

Today we started Group E of Lolita's Legacy, the Pilates Teacher Training Programme designed by 1st generation Pilates Elder Lolita San Miguel.

Instantly, the laughter started as this fine bunch of Pilates Teacher Trainees took to their new role with enthusiasm and energy.

To the best of our knowledge, there is no other Pilates Teacher Training in the UK, and certainly no Pilates Teacher Training in Wales which has the distinction of producing graduates who qualify as 3rd Generation Pilates Teachers. Lolita certified me and the other two Educators of this Pilates Instructor Course, Sabrina Simpson and Laura Weavers as Second Generation Pilates Teachers (in fact - Pilates Master is the title we've been given), and thus we have a direct lineage from Joseph Pilates through Lolita San Miguel to us and then onto our Pilates Teacher Trainees.

We completed our initial Pilates Teacher Training with Pilates Courses in the UK, and then we attended a two year Advanced Pilates Master Mentor Program with Lolita. I myself started my Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training with the Pilates Foundation and then went on to become a Certified Mathwork Pilates Teacher through Body Control Pilates which is headed by Lynne Robinson.

It is very exciting for us to be able to combine our experience of Contemporary Pilates, covering both Mathwork Pilates and Apparatus Pilates, with what we have learned from Lolita San Miguel. She would not class herself as a teacher of Classical Pilates, but she faithfully represents the Pilates Method in the best way that she can, having learned it straight from the inventor of Pilates (even though he called it Contrology) and that is a pretty impressive connection in my book.

Lolita's Legacy is a thorough Pilates Teacher Training Course which teaches Pilates students Pilates exercises on the Mat, the Pilates Reformer ( also known as the Universal Reformer, The Pilates Cadillac (also known as the Trapeze Table), The Pilates Wunda Chair (our version is called the Exo Chair, but we also have a Combo Chair), The Spine Corrector (ours is called the Pilates Arc), The Ladder Barrel, as well as the Ped o Pull (which is known by many names - the Ped a Pull, Pedipull etc.). Other smaller equipment our Pilates Graduates become proficient in are the Magic Circle (also known as the Toning Circle), The Toe Corrector, and the Pilates Sand Bag. Our Pilates Apparatus is made by Balanced Body, probably the largest manufacturers of Pilates equipment. They are so big that they own the url

We are honoured to be starting this new chapter of Pilates Teacher Training in the UK, and hope that the students who walk through our Pilates School here in Perth go forth and continue the amazing life-changing work that was started by Joseph Pilates in Germany, the UK and New York City in the USA.


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