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My Pilates Journey Day 15 Cheer-lates?

My Pilates Journey Day 15 Cheer-lates?

23 June 2017 – Day 15

How many exercise regimes can you name that are easily adaptable and can focus each exercise to enhance the body for each sport? I’ll give you a huge hint…it begins with a ‘P’ and ends with an ‘ilates.

Yes, you heard that right, Pilates is an exercise regime that can easily be adapted to sports from dance (think of those BarreConcept Classes) to Skiing and even to my favourite sport, Cheerleading. I know this because on Tuesday during Training with the Team, Joakim led us through some Cheerleading inspired exercises. Originally, Joakim had asked me to think of some exercises and to be completely honest I came up blank. It might be week three of the internship, but as soon as you are invited to think of exercises to present to fellow staff who’ve won awards for Pilates Instruction or who are working through the Pilates Teacher Training Course is daunting. Needless to say, I don’t think I provided much help during the session, but I certainly think we had fun.

We did some exercises to work on forward momentum (think getting up from forwards rolls), we did some teamwork exercises as well including thoracic crunches on a quadruped partner (that is an official way of saying I did targeted crunches on the back of my partner who was on her hands and knees). The other exercise that we did, the one pictured, was something else that we tried. As it was a photo opportunity and we were in a Cheerleading focused session, I pulled some classic Cheerleader faces that would make my teammates proud.

One thing that you learn as a Cheerleader is that your team is your family. You may not always get along with them, but together you will always have something that no one else has. The staff here at Bälans have created their own family with the clients and I am so lucky to join them even for this short amount of time.

From now on, I’ll be taking the same classes each week as long as there is space, which I think will really help me to refocus on my goals as opposed to understanding the feel of the classes.

I think I lost a bit of momentum this week, although physically I still feel the burn, mentally, I am very caught up with the administrative part of the internship and what is going on outside the studio doors. It has been easy to lapse them together instead of seeing the Pilates sessions as a break in which to focus on myself and my physical fitness. Once you get kind of used to something, you let lines blur were they once used to be crisp. Maybe the thrill of this new thing has finally worn off and has settled into my daily schedule, but I don’t want it to be. I still get excited about the classes every day, but I need to work on focusing on being excited about myself and what I am doing from a subjective perspective. I think next week I will focus on re-establishing my personal objectives, so that I can mentally feel the progression as well.

With 21 Pilates Sessions under my belt at the end of week three, I am excited to keep pushing myself and to take a more holistic approach to My Pilates Journey, engaging the mind and the body as I continue.


  1. Rona says:

    Worth a go in class – although I picture major collapses!

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