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The Art of Bälans…The Bondi Tapestry.

22nd May 2016

The Art of Bälans...The Bondi Tapestry.

Our most recent addition to the art of Bälans is, in fact, not new at all. Joakim commissioned the Bondi Tapestry during the renovations of this building in 2012 with a specific plan to cover the tall radiator in the reception. When the radiator went up it turned out to net be such an eyesore as was expected, and the tapestry went into a cupboard for lack of any better place to hang it. Just a few weeks ago we had a brainwave to get rid of some cabinets which weren’t really doing anything useful and voilà, the perfect space became available. You will see the Bondi Tapestry in the kitchen area to the left of the main doors as you go out of the building.

The talented artist is Denise Petrie and she is available for personalised commissions and has a great website with unique items for sale. Denise came in to speak with Joakim and got a good idea of what he was trying to convey about his favourite beach Bondi. The woman in the Lone Swimmer photo (which has been featured previously) would be swimming in the top of the scene of the tapestry, just below the big rock Ben Buckler. Denise has spent many hours painstakingly hand sewing and beading to give the many strips of fabric, buttons and beads a three dimensional texture which captures the essence of Australia’s most famous beach.

Ben Buckler on Ben Buckler point was washed up from the sea floor in a huge storm. It is a massive stone weighing hundreds of tonnes! The urban myths at Bondi are unclear as to whether Ben Buckler was a notable person in the early days of the Sydney Suburb, or maybe there is a Scottish connection with an early settler naming the place after Ben Becula.

Please follow the link below to see more of Denise's wonderful work:

Denise Petrie's website


  1. Denise Petrie says:

    Hi there, thrilled to see the piece I made for you hung and on show, loved making it for you and your business. denise.

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