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New Beginner’s Pilates Class

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Designed for the Beginner who has no previous experience of Pilates, giving you:

• Stronger Core and Back Muscles
• Reduced Back Pain
• Greater flexibility and suppleness
• A small class size with progressive exercises in a relaxed atmosphere

Workshop for: Public, anyone who wants to learn the basics of Pilates


1 hour per week for 6 weeks



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Balans Courses

Lolita’s Legacy™ Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Course

4-12 August 2017
First Week

Lolita San Miguel is a 1st Generation Pilates Instructor, the only person still alive who was qualified by Joseph Pilates and who has developed her own Teacher Training Programme.

At 81 Lolita continues to captivate audiences at Pilates Conferences around the world.

Lolita’s Legacy™ gives you the chance to benefit from her 56 years of experience in the Pilates Industry.

The Course takes 11 months over seven long weekends.

This is a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Course and qualifies you to teach on all the Studio Apparatus as well as Matwork

To apply for this course and to find out more please contact us

Workshop for: For anyone interested in becoming a Comprehensively Trained Pilates Teacher


3 Weeks over 6 Months


£4,799 paid in 4 Installments

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